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Credit Card Comparison

Credit cards from all major top providers.

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Credit card Germany

Quick Overview

  • To get a credit card in Germany, compare offers on CHECK24, fill out the online application form and confirm your identity via video call.
  • Banks often require a residence permit valid for at least two years for non-German nationals.There are several types of credit cards in Germany.
  • The main differences between them are the way they are billed and the way your credit score is checked to receive them. 

Best credit card in Germany

To make it easier for you to choose the best credit card, our CHECK24 credit card experts have developed a points system. This system is based on the cards' most important features as well as customer feedback. In the following overview, we show you the most popular credit cards from our comparison.

Note mtl. Gebühr Hinweis zur Gebühr Bezahlung Abhebung
1. TF Mastercard Gold
1,3 KARTENNOTE sehr gut
0 €
(dauerhaft kostenlos)
Kostenlos weltweit
mehr Infos
2. Barclays Visa
1,2 KARTENNOTE Testsieger
0 €
(dauerhaft kostenlos)
Kostenlos weltweit
Kostenlos weltweit
mehr Infos
3. Extra Karte
0 €
(dauerhaft kostenlos)
Kostenlos Eurozone
mehr Infos
4. Hanseatic Bank GenialCard
1,3 KARTENNOTE sehr gut
0 €
(dauerhaft kostenlos)
Kostenlos weltweit
mehr Infos
5. Gebührenfrei Mastercard GOLD
1,5 KARTENNOTE sehr gut
0 €
(dauerhaft kostenlos)
Kostenlos weltweit
mehr Infos

Credit card systems in Germany

How to get a credit card in Germany


In the CHECK24 credit card comparison you will find a large number of credit cards and get an overview of fees, interest rates and other terms and conditions. 


To apply for a credit card, fill out the online application. You only need a few personal details and in some cases a proof of income. 


As part of a digital identification process, confirm your identity via video call using your ID card or passport with proof of residence. Staff is multilingual.

Author image

Free expert support

Our CHECK24 credit card experts will answer your questions about applying for and using a credit card in Germany. They will help you find the right credit card for your needs.

Requirements for applying for a credit card in Germany

The banks place certain requirements on the applicant depending on the type of card. The following general requirements usually apply for a credit card with a credit limit (charge or revolving):

  • adult: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • residence in Germany: You must be registered in Germany.
  • German bank account: To get a credit card, you need a German bank account. Monthly statements and transactions are processed via this account.
  • regular income: A regular income will provide banks a proof of financial stability. For some providers you need to present a salary document.
  • a good credit rating: To assess your creditworthiness credit card providers request a Schufa report.

For people without German nationality banks often also require a residence permit that must be valid for at least two years.

Good to know

Credit rating and role of Schufa in Germany

Schufa is a company that evaluates the creditworthiness of consumers based on their financial history and creates a report that helps banks to assess risk. They collect data from different sources, such as banks, credit card companies, mobile phone providers and other contractors. The score can influence the approval or rejection of a credit card application.

Foreigners can only obtain a Schufa report if they have lived in Germany for some time and have a German bank account. Otherwise, you must provide other proof of your financial reliability. This could be a letter of reference from your previous bank, for example.

Responsible use of a credit card (charge or revolving) can help build your credit score. This is particularly important if you are staying in Germany for longer and want to finance a property or a car, for example.

Types of credit cards in Germany

CHECK24 tip

Which German Credit Card is the best to use when studying in Germany?

The best credit card in Germany for students depends on individual needs and usage behaviour. However, there are some features that make a credit card particularly student-friendly: low or no annual fees for the credit card and no fees for payment and withdrawing cash in Germany.

Prepaid cards or a current account with a debit card can be a good alternative for students who are in Germany for a semester abroad and have no Schufa data. These options allow students to get a card and make payments without the bank carrying out a credit worthiness check.Text

Credit card fees in Germany

Before applying for a German credit card, it is advisable to check all possible costs and compare the offers from different providers in order to find the right product with the most favourable conditions. The following costs may be charged:

Annual fee

Some providers charge a monthly or annual fee. The amount of the fee often depends on the benefits of the card. There are also many providers who offer a free credit card without an annual fee.

Foreign currency fees

For transactions in foreign currency, i.e. a currency other than euros, often a fee is charged – usually a certain percentage of the amount.

Withdrawal fee

Withdrawing cash from an ATM can also incur costs. The fees for cash withdrawals are charged either as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the amount withdrawn.

Interest on debit balances

Interest charges are incurred if you choose the instalment facility on a revolving credit card. It is based on the outstanding amount and can be up to 25 percent depending on the provider.

Fees for crypto currencies and shares

In addition, special fees may apply if the credit card is used for trading crypto currencies or for securities transactions.

Block German credit card in case of loss

If your card gets stolen or is suspected of being misused, you should block it as soon as possible. The general blocking emergency number is +49 116 116. You will be forwarded to the relevant card issuer. Alternatively, you can also contact the card provider directly, either your bank or Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Diners Club.

Note date and time of the call to rule out of any liability. Make a note of the date and time of the call to avoid any liability. You should also contact the Police if you suspect that something's stolen.

Author image
Lisa Wendel ()
Online Editor Finance

Lisa has been part of CHECK24's online editorial team since 2022. As a trained banker, she is familiar with the topics surrounding the world of finance and prepares them in a simple and understandable way for readers.


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